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Pregnancy Over 45

Pregnancy over 45 is still relatively rare, but more women in this age group are becoming mothers than ever before. Even though medical science can’t undo the effects of aging, fertility treatments are still available to help women in their 40s achieve their dreams of motherhood. Read more…

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Raising Bilingual Children

Children are incredibly sensitive to the different ways people speak. Even when they only hear one language, they learn very quickly about differences between the way men and women talk, the difference between polite and impolite ways of talking, and so on. For children, the bilingual situation is just a

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Boosting self-esteem

Girls change enormously during adolescence and sometimes their self-esteem can suffer. As her parent, you want to help her feel good about herself. Having a healthy conversation about appearance is an important part of that. You need to be tuned in to her changing needs and help her to model

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9 Energy Tips for Moms

Parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it’s also exhausting. You are on duty 24-7, no weekends off or sick days. It’s easy to focus on your kids and neglect yourself, but that’s not good for you or them. Read more

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