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What We Do

We exist to empower mothers to become positive role models to their children, to help them be self reliant members of their communities and to become productive, self sufficient examples to others. With your help we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

From the Blog

Pregnancy over 45 is still relatively rare, but more women in this age group are becoming mothers than ever before. Even though medical science can’t undo the effects of aging, fertility treatments are still available to help women in their 40s achieve their dreams of motherhood. Read more…

Single mothers, that category of women who are doing their best to raise families on their own, are most often than not in need of help of all kinds. Sometimes, you need help to improve your life. And fortunately, there is such help for women who want to get an education. We’ve provided the web’s most comprehensive financial aid for single mothers resources to help moms get the help they need to afford school. Read more…